Red Dog Names

Dogs with lovely red or orange coats are a great blessing in the pet world. Their lustrous coats set them out from the group, and their flaming reddish-orange tint is unique compared to other common canine coat colors such as black, white, or brown. For your red dog, we've come up with a list of attractive names. You may find it difficult to choose just one name because there are so many good ones, but here are some ideas to help you narrow it down. From the below list, you will get Red Hair Dog Names, Dog Names for Red Dogs, Red Colored Dog Names, Cute Red Dog Names & a lot more.

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Alani Amber Anne
Annie Apollo Apple
Archie Ariel Arizona
Auburn Autumn Bandit
Bandit Beets Berry
Big Red Blaze Bloom
Blush Bordeaux Brandy
Brick Bridget Brighton
Burgundy Cabernet Carmine
Carrot Top Cayenne Cherry
Chesnut Chester Cider
Cinnamon Clifford Comet
Conan Copper Coral
Cranberry Crimson Currant
Curry Dahlia Dynamite
Eclipse Elmo Ember
Fennec Finch Firecracker
Flame Flannery Flynn
Fox Foxy Freckles
Fuchsia Fuego Fuji
Garnet Ginger Gloss
Goldie Harvest Hazel
Heinz Henna Hibiscus
Honey Hunter Jam
Jasper Jelly Jessica Rabbit
Keegan Ketchup Ladybug
Laser Lava Leif
Lobster Loki Lolo
Lucille Ball Magenta Mahogany
Malbec Maraschino Maroon
Mars Merlot Miss Frizzle
Molly Oakley Paprika
Peaches Pebbles Penny
Peony Pepper Peppermint
Pepperoni Phoenix Pinot
Pippi Longstocking Poppy Prince Harry
Pumpkin Radish Raspberry
Redford Reed Rhubarb
Robin Rogue Rojo
Rooibos Rooney Rory
Rose Rosebud Rosso
Rouge Rowan Ruby
Rudy Rufus Russet
Rusty Salsa Sangria
Scarlet Scully Shiraz
Sienna Sol Sorrell
Spark Strawberry Sundance
Sunny Sunrise Sunset
Terra Tomato Topaz
Tree Tulip Twizzler
Valentina Valentine Vermillion
Vulcan Wilma Zinnia
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