Islamic Month Names 2022

Muslims in Islam follow the Islamic calendar, which is divided into twelve months. Each of the 12 Islamic months has its unique meaning and value. Each month features certain essential events that Muslims must observe, while others are just for the purpose of receiving additional blessings and benefits from ALLAH. Furthermore, all twelve Islamic months are counted according to the moon's location and phases. Here is the list of each Islamic months name, current Islamic month name, name of month in Islamic calendar, Islamic month name in English, and a lot more.

Muslim Month Name List:

The Islamic calendar is used by Muslims all around the world to calculate the dates of religious events and observances. The Hijri calendar, or Muslim calendar, is another name for it. The Islamic calendar uses astronomical observations to determine the order of the months. Only after a Waxing Crescent Moon is seen shortly after sunset can a new month begin. The Waxing Crescent Moon is the first Moon phase after the New Moon. From the below list, you will get Islamic Month Name List, Islamic Last Month Name, Islamic First Month Name, and a lot more.